Can the wheels advertised with tyres be sold without?

Yes. If you are interested in wheels we have available that have tyres fitted. Please drop us a line for a price of the wheels, without the tyres fitted.

Who do you use for Shipping?

98% of our shipping is handled by TNT/Fedex and DHL.

Do you ship worldwide?

Yes. Though certain countries and laws that do restrict vehicle parts and charge high custom fees.

How are wheels packaged?
  • Our wheels are packaged extremely safely. We use specific internal foam inserts on top and on the bottom of the wheel to ensure it’s kept secure. The foam we use. is used in the same industry to transport glass doors and windows.
    We also provide cardboard covers on top of the wheel as well as foam roll covering. All this, inside a twin wall cardboard box.
  • For sets of wheels that are shipped via a pallet, these are strapped and wrapped securely as one consignment in order that the wheels and tyres are kept together as a set.
How long does it take to dispatch an item?
  • We aim to dispatch items within 24 to 48 hours, excluding weekends, bank or personal holidays.
  • Any delays that may occur will be relayed to the customer within 48 hours.
Can we pre order stock?

Yes. Though we do not have time frames as to when items will again be available.


Are your wheels remanufactured?

No, unless otherwise stated.